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作者: ZcccnUQ8    時間: 2018-12-7 04:28     標題: Baker Mayfield Jersey reported the Titans offered Whisenhunt $1 million more a year than the Detroit Lions. Neither Whisenhunt,Axel Andersson Jersey, Webster nor Smith would comment when asked how long the new coach's contract is.
Webster said it was a fast and furious process picking a new coach after parting with Mike Munchak on Jan,Allen Robinson Jersey. 4,Cheap MLB Pro Shop.
The general manager believes Whisenhunt is an excellent fit for the Titans and to create a new culture around the organization,Argentina World Cup T-Shirts. Tennessee is coming off a 7-9 record and is 36-44 over the past five seasons since the Titans' last playoff appearance,Stitched Atlanta Falcons Jerseys.

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