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作者: ZcccnUQ8    時間: 2018-12-6 19:11     標題: Bill Lee Jersey SAN DIEGO

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Telesco noted that Reich,Authentic Atlanta Falcons Jersey, who was promoted from quarterbacks coach,Wholesale MLB Jerseys, had picked the plays during his days as a quarterback in the Buffalo Bills' K-Gun offense.
SAN DIEGO (AP) — Frank Reich's lack of experience as a coordinator isn't a concern as he prepares to take over running the San Diego Chargers' offense,Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jersey, general manager Tom Telesco said Wednesday.
"Frank is going to do a great job and I have all the confidence in the world in him to come in here and put a little bit of his stamp on the offense,Angel Di Maria Jersey," Telesco said. "Frank's been doing this a long time. He's done it from the field and now he will do it from the sidelines."

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