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The Minnesota Zoo announced that this fall 2012, the dolphin exhibit will close, and Allie and Semo the two dolphins, will be moved to other accredited facilities sometime before.  The Minnesota Zoo has had dolphins in their exhibit since it opened in 1978, though it did not state how long Semo, the 46-year-old male and Allie, the 24-year-old female have lived at the zoo.  It seems the zoo plans to retire Semo, and Allie is to be introduced to a new social group wherever they settle.  Zoo director,, Lee Ehmke said that the cost and lack of availability had put new dolphins out of the zoo’s reach.
I ponder what moral responsibility we have towards these dolphins.  Once we adopt an animal, take care of them for years,[/url], watch and care for their young (Allie and Semo had a 1½-year-old calf,[url=],nmd adidas, Tejiah, who died in February), is it morally acceptable to just move them away to settle in a new home and adjust to new social groups?  We know that dolphins are highly intelligent animals,aadidas shoes originalsrti, yet intelligence may have little to do with our moral responsibility.  When we take on the responsibility for another living entity, I don’t believe we should turn our back after a few years or decades.  The moral responsibility in adopting an animal should be for their life…unless extreme situations arise.  
In Judaism, animals are accorded the same sensitivity as human beings.  Moreover in Judaism, a link has always been acknowledged between the way a person treats an animal and the way a person treats humans.  See: for more information. Under Jewish law,adidas nmd, animals have some of the same rights as humans do in certain circumstances.  Animals rest on Shabbat (as humans are commanded to do) and we are forbidden to muzzle an ox while it is working in the field, just as humans are allowed to eat from the produce they harvest.
A great line in a wonderful movie called “ from the death row senior staff character Tom Hanks plays, when speaking to a miraculous healer, on death row for a crime he did not commit: “What am I to say when I am called to meet my Maker after my death; that I was doing my job (when referring to carrying out the death penalty execution)?” #1 See movie trailer: Sometimes I believe, it is our responsibility to follow our hearts and inner moral compass, rather than do what our job commands.  Is it really impossible for the zoo to raise the necessary money to keep these dolphins?  Could the public help?  How much of our job are we allowed to stuff or hide our moral compass and how much is truly our moral responsibility?  This is something we each must decide.
#1 This quote is not verbatim from the movie, but rather paraphrased.
Thank-you for reading.

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